49ers Lineman Reveals Eagles’ Jalen Carter’s Alleged Death Threat Taunt

A tweet by San Francisco 49ers lineman Jon Feliciano about his Super Bowl LVIII injury replacement led to accusations of death threats between himself and Philadelphia Eagles rookie DL Jalen Carter.

Feliciano was sidelined in the third quarter of the Big Game due to a pec injury, and was replaced by Spencer Burford. Feliciano blamed Burford, a second-year player, for missing a block on Kansas City Chiefs star Chris Jones during a drive that led to San Fran settling for a field goal instead of a TD.

Feliciano apologized to his teammate, saying he “woke up hungover and being a b—h.”

Carter then joined the fray, accusing Felicano in an Instagram Story of trash-talking him about the January 2023 car crash that led to the death of one of his former Georgia teammates and a staffer.

Feliciano responded, accusing Carter of issuing him death threats during the teams’ Week 13 meeting.

“If you dish it you gotta be able to take it,” Feliciano said. “He talked about my kids, I made that reference. I lost a friend to an accident too so I understand why he was upset. I did feel bad thought about apologizing until he started posting my kids on his IG then I had to get NFL involved.”