Aaron Rodgers admits season was a disappointment and is finally over

Injured New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers celebrated his 40th birthday. Standing on the sideline on Sunday, it dawned on him that suiting up again this year was highly unlikely. Some called Rodgers delusional from the start, thinking he’d play again this season.

Even if the Jets had won Sunday, the odds of Rodgers coming back and being effective on the field were slim. The optimistic attitude is something to admire, but whatever logic Rodgers had behind this was ludicrous at best. The Jets could be in a position to squeak into the playoffs, and his return would still be a waste of time.

Standing on the sideline next to Zach Wilson, looking like his uninterested stepdaddy, is the best place for Rodgers. Enjoy turning 40 and throwing balls in practice because the Jets are done. A-Rod has said so many absurd things in the past few years that it’s hard to separate what’s real and what’s fiction with this guy.

What’s happened with the J-E-T-S Jets this year is what always happens. They wind up doing the Jets thing even when there is buzz surrounding the team. Rodgers backed Green Bay into a corner because he only wanted to be traded to one team. It’s time for Aaron to return home to his cave, sample psychedelics, and hibernate for the winter. He certainly won’t be part of any playoff games.