Aaron Rodgers Unleashes Garbage on Pat McAfee’s Show

New York Jets signal-caller Aaron Rodgers was welcomed back to The Pat McAfee Show with applause and a standing ovation from its host. McAfee is always standing, though at least he’s wearing sleeves today.

The following segment continued the same trend — a wild rant about the efficacy of COVID vaccinations, calling Dr. Anthony Fauci one of the biggest purveyors of misinformation, and stating that many of the conspiracy theories that Rodgers ascribes to have turned out to be true. McAfee pledged to “check” Rodgers on his misinformation — before asking the 40-year-old conspiracy theorist to tell him what to check him on. But every time he said, “I’m gonna have to check you on that,” it was like a starting gun for Rodgers to start cramming as much BS as he could in before the host tried to cut him off.

When McAfee “checked” Rodgers’ claims about Dr. Fauci and COVID vaccines, Rodgers went on and on about studies by what he deemed as reputable scientists but failed to cite a single study. He even accused “them” of trying to censor anti-vaxxer Alex Berenson, and then went on and on about anti-malaria drugs and Dr. Fauci’s financial stake in the COVID vaccines. Rodgers invited McAfee and the audience to “fact check me!” several times, and it took me all of 30 seconds to find out that his claims were untrue.

He also fact-checked Rodgers’ claim about Dr. Fauci having a financial stake in COVID-19 vaccines, which seems like a problem for someone serving in a governmental, policy-making decision. Turns out Rodgers didn’t quite have all the facts on that claim, either. The royalties are for scientific research and other innovations by NIH institutes and centers that were licensed for use by third parties, such as pharmaceutical companies.

Rodgers tried to gaslight the audience into believing his brand-new claim that he never called Jimmy Kimmel a pedophile. Instead, he verbally attacked ESPN PR chief Mike Foss, who characterized Rodgers’ Kimmel “joke” as being “dumb and factually incorrect.” That didn’t sit well with Rodgers. There is a lot more that could be said about Rodgers’ ignorance and McAfee’s enabling, but mostly it’s just sad that this is the kind of show getting $85 million and that it appeals to so many people. If ESPN expected McAfee to clean up his mess this week, that mission failed spectacularly. Rodgers didn’t exactly walk back his comments on Kimmel in a way that earthlings could understand and, absent accusing an innocent person of pedophilia, Rodgers’ misinformation was arguably the worst it’s been to date. Rodgers is never going to come around to understanding what he did wrong, or what he says that is wrong. Because admitting he’s wrong would debunk his greatest conspiracy theory of all: That Aaron Rodgers is the last of the deep thinkers, and that anyone who criticizes him isn’t a thinking person. What Rodgers doesn’t know is that he proves that conspiracy theory wrong every time he opens his mouth.