Aaron Rodgers Upset over Jimmy Kimmel’s Mention in Epstein Travel Log

Aaron Rodgers could benefit from improving his sense of humor. He may not be able to match Jimmy Kimmel’s sharp wit, but that’s not expected. However, it would benefit Rodgers to understand the difference between slanderous statements and verbal comebacks.

Kimmel has mocked Rodgers for his views on COVID-19 and the medical profession in general. It should be noted that Dr. Miles Birchbark was just a character from a sketch played by comedian Frank Caeti. The sketch aimed to mock Rodgers’ medical theories which he himself admitted were outlandish.

It’s important to note that Rodgers made defamatory statements about Kimmel by associating the comedian’s name with crimes committed for inappropriate behavior with minors. Making baseless associations with crimes is out of bounds and not acceptable.