Alexander Zverev’s Controversial Election to Player Council Amid Abuse Allegations

The ATP Tour Players Council Care Nothing About Domestic Abuse
Zverev, who faces domestic abuse charges in Germany, was chosen to the players’ council, a group that speaks to the players’ interest. This is quite obtuse. Zverev has been accused by two ex-partners of domestic abuse. The ATP Tour Council has no domestic abuse policy. His recent appearance on Break Point totally omits reporting his personal history. His interview comments show an antipathy towards Danil Medvedev, possibly over his wife’s relationship with Zverev’s accusers. The council’s decision goes against the current reform zeitgeist in tennis. There is no way his fellow players were unaware of these issues. The fact that players pushed for an investigation makes it clear that it was common knowledge in the locker room. This makes the current situation even more remarkable.