Amazon’s Displeasure with Thursday Night Football: A Unique Challenge

On this Thursday, another edition of Thursday Night Football features the New England Patriots versus Pittsburgh Steelers. With Bailey Zappe and Mitchell Trubisky being the headliners, fans are not excited about this game. It is a bigger game for the Pittsburgh Steelers as they have a shot at the postseason. The backup quarterback situation in today’s NFL seems uncommonly challenging. In contrast, backup quarterbacks in the past were more prepared to play when called upon. In the mid-90s, the Green Bay Packers had two future Hall of Famers, Brett Favre and Kurt Warner, on the roster, in addition to Mark Brunell, who led Jacksonville to two AFC Championship games. The 49ers of the late 1980s had Steve Young sitting behind Joe Montana, and both Young and Warner went on to win Super Bowls and league MVPs. Nick Foles, a second-string QB, came in and led the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory but eventually returned to an average signal caller. It is unlikely that Zappe and Trubisky will turn things around before Thursday night’s game, making it a lackluster matchup.