Amazon’s Rare Victory for Fans: Acquiring Stake in Bally Sports

The only streaming platform fans want a sporting event aired on is one in which they already have a subscription. That’s why, on the surface, Amazon has acquired a minority stake in Bally Sports, which could be considered a rare win for the fans and not just the owners. The move helps Diamond Sports Group, owner of Bally Sports, in their ongoing effort to recover from bankruptcy.

The main benefit for fans is that they will be able to stream their club’s games on Prime if they’re in the local market. This is fantastic news for cord cutters looking to consolidate their subscriptions. On the flip side, the biggest loser from this development is cable companies, who are once again scrambling for reasons to exist.

It’s a welcome development for any of us who’ve been stalked by cable companies for not returning equipment they took out of circulation years ago. Without landlines and cable boxes, all these companies have left is the internet.

These kind of shrewd acquisitions are why Bezos is going to be a trillionaire within the decade. It’s a win-win if you don’t think about the endgame — five companies trading the profits of the world’s content consumption.

Sports are a release for many people, a way to turn off their brains and remove themselves from another shift in the salt mines. The cheaper they can access these outlets, the better.