AMC’s Bold Reboot: The Walking Dead with Lame Duck Mike McCarthy at the Helm

The Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, has decided to bring back Mike McCarthy after a disappointing first-round loss to Green Bay. However, McCarthy will not be receiving a contract extension, leaving him in a “lame duck” position with no security for the future. This decision raises questions about why the Cowboys rushed to retain McCarthy only to drop this bombshell days later.

The situation begs the question of why the Cowboys moved so fast in deciding to bring McCarthy back only to drop this bombshell days later. The team had the opportunity to explore other coaching options, especially with successful candidates on the market. If Dan Quinn moves on to take a head coaching gig, it may be even more challenging for the Cowboys to succeed next year without him.

Should Dallas start off slow next season, McCarthy may lose the locker room with no contract extension. This lack of reassurance from the owner could leave McCarthy vulnerable in 2024. With a franchise that measures success by Super Bowl wins, simply making it to the divisional round or Wild Card Weekend is not acceptable. Anything less than an appearance in the NFC Championship game may result in McCarthy’s departure.

In conclusion, the Cowboys may need to make tough decisions if they fail to achieve success under McCarthy next season. With no contract extension, McCarthy will be under pressure to prove himself and lead the organization back to its winning ways.