Arizona Cardinals: A Team in Disarray

Kyler Murray is set to make his return to the field on Sunday. The Arizona Cardinals quarterback tore his ACL in December and is either rushing to secure his starting position or auditioning for a role elsewhere if the team continues on its current path. With the season already lost at 1-8, it would make sense to try to talk Murray out of playing. However, the organization’s future is uncertain, so let me take a stab at predicting what might happen. We will soon see if Murray’s ACL recovery resembles Adrian Peterson’s quick return to form or Joe Burrow’s slow acclimation back to the game after a severe knee injury. If Murray takes a while to get back into the flow of things, the team might still be in contention for the first pick in the draft, but if Murray’s return goes well, Arizona may climb out of the draft purgatory position. Despite their one victory, the team is just two wins away from being out of the top 10, and regardless of how well or poorly he performs, potential suitors will line up for his services. It’s clear that Murray’s future is uncertain, and the Cardinals need to figure out their plan soon.