Artificial Intelligence Uncovered: Sports Illustrated’s Attempt to Deceive with AI-Generated Content

In 2023, the rapid integration of artificial intelligence into society has created a surreal state of journalism, with many outlets experimenting with AI-generated content. However, major sites have blocked OpenAI webcrawler GPTBot from scanning their sites for content. The debate over AI-generated content has just begun. The Arena Group used fictional bylines disguising AI-generated content, undermining their reputation and the trust of their readers. They even used AI-generated headshots for the fictional writers, causing further concern. With content creators competing with AI, the media’s uncertain future is further compounded. Once the scheme was exposed, The Arena Group attempted to delete most of the content generated by their fictional writers, causing even more distrust. Their partnership ended with Advon Commerce, the third-party provider who supplied the branded content. The situation has raised concerns about the future integrity of media.