Baltimore Ravens: Leading the AFC North, the Most Competitive Division in the NFL

In the 2023 season, predicting that the NFL’s best division is the AFC North – no hot take. It is considered the only division in which all four teams have a chance to make the playoffs. That honor went to the AFC West last year, but the wheels soon came off for every team except the Kansas City Chiefs. The AFC North has since recovered and is the only division in which all four teams are at least two games over .500.

Injuries plagued the division early in the season, with Joe Burrow’s injured calf being a major setback. Despite struggling at first, he led the Cincinnati Bengals to back-to-back wins and has played like one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. The Bengals look like one of the best teams in the league again.

Both the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers have also dealt with quarterback issues, but their defense presents problems for opponents. The Steelers have secured division wins against the Ravens and Browns and look like a formidable team.

The cream of the crop in the North is the Baltimore Ravens, who are unstoppable on both offense and defense at their best. Despite early injury woes, they remain one of the strongest teams in the conference. They are expected to finish the season as AFC North Champions, but will need to start closing out games when not up by 30 points to secure the title.