Barcelona’s Disarray: A Truly Lost Team

With Xavi’s scheduled departure from Barcelona after the end of this season, the prominent soccer manager headlines are dominated by Jurgen Klopp and other high-profile clubs. But Barcelona is Xavi’s domain, a club with an uncertain future, the opposite of Klopp’s, and considered by many to be on a downward spiral. Formerly a key player for Barcelona, Xavi transitioned into the manager role about two years ago and managed to clinch the La Liga title last season, but amidst a struggling team and a league at a low point. Currently ranked fourth in the league, Barcelona is facing an uncertain future with an aging roster and financial struggles. The next manager will have to navigate a bloated and dysfunctional team and lack resources to build a new powerhouse. While Xavi’s management was short-lived, the future managers have a daunting task ahead. Meanwhile, in the baseball world, the Twins made a trade to send Jorge Polanco to Seattle in exchange for Anthony Desclafani and Justin Topa, aiming to strengthen their pitching and save some money.