Bears in for a Shock if They Believe Justin Fields is Their Future QB

Justin Fields’ exciting win over the Atlanta Falcons resulted in Chicago Bears fans chanting “We want Justin” as he threw for over 260 yards and one touchdown. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported that “Fields has absolutely made Chicago’s decision in the draft difficult by his playmaking and how he has done this year.” This marks a significant shift in the consensus regarding Fields’ potential return as the Bears’ quarterback in 2024. Fields has won 4 of 5 games since December began, which has swayed opinions about trading the first overall pick. Despite this, concerns about Fields’ decision-making skills persist, along with his low completion percentages and high fourth-quarter interceptions. There may be potential for Fields, but the risk-benefit analysis leans toward keeping the No. 1 overall pick. It may be cheaper to watch a rookie learn on the fly than continue investing in Fields, whose clock may be running out in Chicago.