Believing He Could Fill Tom Brady’s Shoes

The 2005 Steelers Dilfered their way past the Indianapolis Colts’ record-setting offense all the way to a title with Ben Roethlisberger in a No. 7 jersey that was shorthand for the how many days he could go without an accident sign. The next year, Chicago reached a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman. Eli Manning stepped up to the plate behind Steve Spagnuolo’s pressure defense, and beat the Patriots’ 19-1 offense . Before Belichick met Brady, he was following Dick Lebeau’s career path.That shouldn’t be a knock on his coaching acumen. Without one of the savviest defensive game planners in league history, Brady probably doesn’t win those first three rings before he self-actualized into the GOAT. However, Belichick never learned that, in this era, quarterback is the one position you can’t skimp on. Mac Jones was never a worthy successor to Brady. But he was put in an even more untenable position as a blossoming quarterback with bottom-of-the-barrel skill position talent and a former defensive coordinator as the Pats offensive coordinator during his formative years. The next stage of Belichick’s career will be even more fascinating beyond his pursuit of Don Shula’s career wins record. Unless he can produce another Super Bowl elsewhere, detractors will attribute Belichick’s accomplishments to Brady’s presence. That will eat at his soul. Belichick has adapted too well over the past four decades to repeat the mistakes of the past four years,, which is why securing a legitimate first-class quarterback should be his top priority wherever he lands. Follow DJ Dunson on X: @cerebralsportex