Bills Perform Flawlessly in Game

The great sports dynasties all have one thing in common: a rival to make them look mighty. Think of Jordan’s rivalry with the Knicks, or Brady’s battles with Manning. The Yankees and the Red Sox share a similarly storied history. Currently, the Chiefs have the Bills. And the Bills are okay with that. Sure, they’re no Affirmed, but without them, there’s no great story of sustaining that winning spirit. To be the underdog, one must be excellent to keep earning the right to share the main stage with the main protagonist.

Kansas City’s rhythm is metronomic, permeating from their star player, quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The vanquishable foe, the Bills, has a way of maintaining a chaotic element akin to The Joker, while KC has an assurance from experience that they’ll come through in the clutch. The expectation is that they will succeed, while the Bills simply hope to succeed. The pressure increases year after year for the Bills, while the Chiefs only have to rely on their muscle memory of coming through in the past. It’s all about order over chaos, with Mahomes as the true game-changer. There are plenty of good quarterbacks out there, but Mahomes stands apart as the one who truly elevates his team.

And this is where the Bills are cast. The perfect underdog, the protagonist that is always foiled. They can be coked-up Holmes, but they always eventually get thwarted. The same is true for the Bills – they always seem to come up short in the end.

While the Lions appeared in their first NFC Championship game in 33 years, the true highlight of the day was a fan using a flagpole as an oversized toothpick, apparently with the goal of eating a three-foot sandwich in one bite. The social media world was abuzz with this hilarious sight.

In the world of soccer, Real Madrid managed to secure a win over Almeria, but not without a flurry of controversy and questionable calls. The game, and its refereeing decisions, have sent the soccer community into a frenzy of debate and discussion.