Boycotting the Orange Bowl: Why Florida State Should Take a Stand

If they’re going to shut you out, then don’t show up.

After winning every game on their schedule, the Florida State Seminoles have been left out in the cold. The undefeated champions from the Atlantic Coast Conference were bumped from No. 4 to No. 5, making history as the first champs from a Power Five conference without a blemish on their resume to not make the College Football Playoff.

They were supposed to be playing No. 1 Michigan in the Rose Bowl. They’re now scheduled to play No. 6 Georgia in the Capital One Orange Bowl. Florida State didn’t just get robbed, they had the rug pulled from under them — and we all saw it coming.

Don’t get mad, FSU. Get even. Boycott the Orange Bowl if you really want to change the game.

“This is a travesty to the sport,” said ESPN’s Booger McFarland. “Because we go out there on the field and we play the game, and … the name of the game is to win. The fact that this committee could take a Power 5 conference champion that’s undefeated and [leave them out] based on the eye test has me bothered right now.”

Florida State wouldn’t be in this … field, as they went on to win a national championship as the No. 4 seed.

Florida State’s freshman third-string quarterback, Brock Glen, was 8-for-21 for 55 yards on Saturday in a 16-6 win over Louisville. What occurred in 2014 wasn’t happening in 2023.

The situation proved just how important … looking in.

“A lot of people will have big issues with this,” said ESPN’s Greg McElroy. They took a step back, they acknowledged injury and they put in the four best teams. And that is not an easy thing to do, so I want to tip my hat to the committee.”

Florida State isn’t just taking “issue” with this, they’re pissed. And so are a lot of other people.

ACC commissioner Jim Phillips called the move “unfathomable.” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis posted on social media about how the committee had “ignored” FSU’s results. FSU Athletic Director Michael Alford called it “unforgivable.” Head Coach Mike Norvell said he was “disgusted and infuriated.” Injured starting quarterback Jordan Travis said he wished his “leg broke earlier in the season so y’all could see this team is much more than the quarterback.” Lawmakers in the state are even discussing legislation and the creation of a bill in protest.

But, it won’t matter. Especially when it was reported that some oddsmakers would have had Michigan as a 13-point favorite over FSU. The Wolverines are only a 2-point favorite over the Crimson Tide.

“The fact that Rodemaker (FSU’s second-string QB) was not there, we did have limited access visually on the job that … the eyes of the committee, Florida State was fifth,” said CFP Chair Boo Corrigan when asked by The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach about what changed.