Brett Favre Faces Lawsuit over Alleged Swindling of Funds from Less Fortunate

Brett Favre is dealing with allegations that he diverted funds from Mississippi’s welfare fund to his pet project, a volleyball court at his alma mater. He is trying to fend off the allegations, and now has decided to sue sports commentators Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe, along with Mississippi Auditor Shad White, for defamation. White has hit back at Favre by filing a counterclaim to his defamation suit, alleging that Favre still owes the state nearly three quarters of a million dollars. The counterclaim alleges that Favre realized that funneling the restricted funds to the volleyball building construction project through him might be a way to “solve the [restrictions on the money being spent on a brick and mortar structure] problem.” It also alleges that Favre demanded secrecy to keep the transfers of welfare funds to him secret. White’s documents include Favre’s text messages and communications with state officials. Favre claims that he has repaid the State of Mississippi, but White claims that Favre still owes the State more money. Favre has refused to repay any additional funds to the state. According to multiple sites, Favre’s net worth in 2023 is believed to be around $100 million. His reputation has been severely damaged by these allegations.