Centerless Challenge: Can the Boston Bruins Win?

The Boston Bruins are once again at the top of the Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference. The team features top players like David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand, and has outstanding goaltending with two goalies being used equally. The team’s goals-against per game is top five in the league, and their special teams are above average. Despite this, fans and observers are hesitant to believe the Bruins can do more than be an upset come Round 1. The team has some convincing to do leading up to the playoffs. The Bruins are currently lacking strong centers and may need to make changes before the trade deadline. One potential option is Elias Lindholm, a pending free agent on the Flames. Another, higher-risk possibility is Trevor Zegras from the Ducks. With several key players nearing the end of their primes, the Bruins will have to make some difficult decisions about their future.