Chicago Bound: Kliff Kingsbury’s Potential Move to the Windy City

Former Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s potential return to the NFL might be an unexpected one. The Chicago Bears are interested in Kingsbury because projected No. 1 pick Caleb Williams wants him. The move is clearly about making Williams comfortable should the Bears draft him No. 1 overall in April. As offensive coordinator, Kingsbury doesn’t seem like a bad choice but despite having an 11-win campaign in Arizona, that situation fell apart fast during his last year with the Cardinals.

Kingsbury’s appointment as the Cardinals’ head coach was a surprise to many, especially after a disappointing tenure at Texas Tech. Despite coaching Patrick Mahomes in college, Kingsbury to the Cardinals felt like a stretch. After his departure from Arizona in January of last year, heading back to the college ranks for a few years seemed like a good fit. Now, with the Bears potentially pushing Justin Fields off to another team to make room for Williams, the organization is on the brink of another franchise-altering decision.

Ending the cycle of head coaches and quarterbacks is crucial for Chicago. Finding a combination that works for the long-term is the ultimate goal for the team. Unfortunately, the city has been stuck in a cycle of coaching changes for far too long, and it remains to be seen whether Kingsbury is the one to break that trend.