Chicago Bulls Time Traveling to Jordan-era Glory with Ring of Honor

The Chicago Bulls revealed the first members of their Ring of Honor, a group of 13 individuals that includes Artis Gilmore, Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Johnny “Red” Kerr, Dick Klein, Jerry Krause, Toni Kukoc, Bob Love, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Jerry Sloan, Chet Walker, Tex Winter, and the 1995-96 team as a whole. Before this, the Bulls had six non-Bill Russell names retired: Sloan, Love, Jordan, Pippen, Jackson, and Krause. The list is mostly made up of ABA players and members of the Jordan Dynasty. The Bulls have continued to celebrate the Jordan era, which is now in its 25th year. However, since the Jordan era ended in 1998, the Bulls have not seen much success, winning only five playoff series. The franchise’s struggles with draft picks and the departure of home-grown talent have led to continued mediocrity. The Bulls hope that the Ring of Honor will put an end to the Jordan fanaticism, as the franchise is currently viewed more as a museum than a legitimate NBA team.