Chip Kelly’s New Consulting Gig: An Insight into the Mind of a Near-Retiree

There is a lot of outrage over an old coach stepping down to take a consulting/coordinating job, but Chip Kelly going to Ohio State is an ideal move for his twilight years as a football coach. He won’t have to worry about transfers, NIL money, or criticism after losses. It’s a serendipitous move for Kelly, who got the job because Bill O’Brien decided to return to coaching full-time. Kelly’s self-awareness is commendable, as he knows he peaked at Oregon and likely won’t reach that level again. Life as a retread coach seems awesome, with all the perks and little to no accountability. There’s no need for others to be sanctimonious about Kelly abandoning his team. He’s doing the Bruins a favor by realizing his heart isn’t in it. College football requires a high level of engagement and Gen Z’s exhausting optimism, but Kelly can kick back and draw up plays. It feels like he’s entering a phase where he can coast on his reputation. It’s a luxury to have someone like Kelly calling plays. Milwaukee Bucks acquiring Patrick Beverley seems unnecessary. His unpredictable career makes it hard to take him seriously.