Connor Stalions: Michigan’s Championship Hero

Now that Jim Harbaugh and Michigan are national champions, Connor Stalions’ name is officially etched into history. Whenever U-M fans dine out on this title, which they assuredly will do, detractors, haters, run-of-the-mill conspiracy theorists, and others will shout “Connor Stalions!” as if he was Keyser Söze, the second shooter on the grassy knoll, or Bigfoot.

There will forever be a Justin Long-sized shadow cast over this championship, and I’m not saying that to take anything away from Harbaugh, J.J. McCarthy, Blake Corum, and Co. Scandal was tossed around in the loosest way possible because the phrase “stealing signals” is catnip to sports fans and media.

Since the news of the malfeasance broke, there’s been a misconception that Harbaugh was on some Bill Belichick-ian stuff. While I’m sure some people believe that — looking at you, state of Ohio — they will have to pry that trophy from the cold, dead fingers of the many Michigan men