Controversy Surrounds NFL Refereeing as Biden Supports Indigenous Olympic Team

If the NFL wanted good refereeing, it would have it. NFL officials continue to be a step behind in the league’s games, as seen in the Sunday Night game and the last minute of the Kansas City Chiefs-Green Bay Packers matchup. The density of clueless officiating was not all that different than a black hole. The Winter Meetings, which were once a hub for baseball deals, have lost their magic, as many writers show up thinking that deals will take place in the lobby or the bar. Traditionally, in the past, deals could come together over drunken arguments between GMs but it is not the 1980s anymore. Additionally, an article explains the Bengals and Jags’ performances, asking whether they are merely a dramatization of a football game. Finally, lacrosse being proposed for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles is only right, and President Joe Biden has offered his support to the Haudenosaunee lacrosse team to get into the Olympics and represent themselves, their culture, and their flag at the Olympics.