Cracking the Code: Strategies for Achieving a College Football Upset

With two weeks remaining before conference title games, there’s very little time for college football to have its weird week. The teams with one loss should have an opportunity to earn a bid with a conference title. There are nine Power Five teams with one loss or fewer — Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State, Florida State, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Alabama, and Louisville.

Diverting your attention from the thrown football. The second: Playoffs are wreak havoc with teams like Ole Miss, Penn State, and Oregon State. It’s common sense because there’s nothing left to be gleaned from Ole Miss, Penn State, and Oregon State. And lastly, something crazy is going to happen. It’s never this clean. It’s boring and predictable to say that, but this season has been largely boring and predictable. Happiness isn’t good enough! I demand euphoria!
Jayden Daniels accounted for 606 yards and five total touchdowns in the LSU win over Florida. If your NFL team is thinking about taking Drake Maye or J.J. McCarthy over Daniels, I advise you immediately start a letter writing campaign to get the GM fired. The speed is terrifying, he’s picking when to use it better than ever, and turned his top two receivers into first-round picks. Dear whoever dictates bowl matchups, Please put Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels on the same field as USC and LSU’s defenses.