Dart Phenom: 16-Year-Old Prodigy’s Global Domination

The darts world is abuzz over Luke Littler, a 16-year-old prodigy on the verge of winning the World Dart Championship. The Englishman burst onto the scene in this tournament, going from relative unknown to the sport’s Bobby Fischer. On Wednesday, he faces veteran Luke Humphries for the title, and I’m sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but what are the chances that Littler is, in fact, 16? Did you see his picture? He’s balding, and has the physique of someone who’s been frequenting pubs for a minimum of two decades. Also, his name is Luke Littler. That’s some Little John/Robin Hood stuff, and should’ve prompted someone to ask for his birth certificate. Darts is not a game you’d think would draw the interest of Gen Z, or people who grew up on Roblox. I’m not buying it, nor should you. This is a Danny Almonte situation. Luke’s “mum” even shared a picture of him on Christmas morning as if the blog I work for is as susceptible to being catfished as Manti Te’o. Luke has the LeBron James hairline for Christsake. Following his semifinal win over (I’m sure a despondent) Rob Cross, Littler went full first person. What kind of 16-year-old says that? I’ll tell you what kind. The 30-year-old kind. Anyway, best of luck, Luke — if that is your real name.