Debate Erupts Over Hoisting Banner for NBA Championship Victory

The inaugural In-Season Tournament has reached its conclusion, and the winner of the NBA Cup title will have to navigate the controversy over how to celebrate. The divide between whether to hang a banner has become a divisive issue around the league. Some players prefer to take the money over raising a banner, while others value having a banner more, especially older players. Still, half of the league is too cynical to appreciate the first year of the NBA Cup. However, the tournament has earned credibility among the players, and there may come a day when it gets treated with the same reverence as the English FA Cup. The eventual champion can find alternative means of representing their title in the arena, but there is no protocol for this. If a blue blood college basketball/NBA talent mill like UNC can raise banners for ACC titles or NBA teams can honor division titles, then the In-Season Tournament championship banner shouldn’t be controversial.