Derrick White’s Unexpected Rise to All-Star Contention

The Boston Celtics acquired Jrue Holiday in an early October trade with the Portland Trail Blazers. He was billed as the solution to Boston’s need for a tempo-setting orchestrator and was considered the fourth All-Star in the Eastern Conference’s premier lineup. However, Derrick White’s name is now known for stealing the acclaim. NBA All-Star rules allow a maximum of six guards which leaves enough opportunity for the All-Star candidacy of White to sprout wings and gain traction. White’s hustle and penchant for making unorthodox plays for a guard have never been more apparent, and he stands out as a two-way standout among a field of perimeter stars who get hunted on the defensive end. Given his strong defensive reliability and rare skillset, White will likely be considered for the prestigious All-Star roster, as coaches value a two-way role player.