Determining the Worthy Recipient of the NFL MVP: A Critical Assessment

We only have three Sundays left until we can no longer start the week with at least 10 NFL games. With the holidays approaching, it’s time to talk about the MVP race while the NFL has our full attention.

The last truly competitive MVP race was in 2005 when Shaun Alexander, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were each heavily voted for. Since then, the winner of the MVP usually gets a strong majority of the votes. With 11 weeks of play nearly complete, there is no clear favorite for the award. For instance, the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Buffalo Bills, potentially putting Dak Prescott out of the running. However, with Tyreek Hill, Brock Purdy, and Lamar Jackson all in the mix, the MVP picture is yet to become clear.

Tyreek Hill has been targeted 132 times this season, an injury preventing a spectacular performance in Week 15. He is one of the most dangerous players in the NFL and should be considered for MVP.

Brock Purdy has kept the San Francisco 49ers steady throughout the season, leading the NFL in Total QBR. Since the 49ers offense healed after the bye week, they are undefeated with Purdy on the team.

Lamar Jackson may not be the top quarterback in the league, but he has an unrivaled skill set that makes him an MVP candidate. Despite playing behind a troublesome offensive line, Jackson has excelled this season.

Although Dak Prescott had a rough day against the Buffalo Bills, he remains a favorite for MVP, having had a strong season otherwise.