Did you think LeBron James desired to team up with Steph Curry?

LeBron James’ Opportunity to Join the Golden State Warriors

The Warriors offered LeBron James the opportunity to join the team, but James didn’t want to play second fiddle to anyone, especially a peer with the same number of titles. While he has expressed interest in playing alongside Stephen Curry, clearly that wasn’t a viable option for him. The mere fact that the deal was turned down says a lot about how LeBron views his standing in the league. Perhaps, he does wonder what it would be like to play with Curry every night, but such scenarios don’t seem to be in the cards for him.

Furthermore, James likes to throw out bold statements and let them linger, such as suggesting his son, Bronny, could play significant minutes for the Lakers right now. It’s all part of the hyperbolic nature of LeBron’s public statements, and he seems to enjoy floating these ideas into the universe. He has discussed playing next to Curry, but when it came down to reality, teaming up with a fellow rival wasn’t something he was willing to do.

Ultimately, it seems that aligning with Curry and the Warriors isn’t the best career move for LeBron. He likely understands that he can’t go to Golden State and take over, especially given Curry’s role in bringing the franchise its first championship in decades. For LeBron, it’s best to stay in Los Angeles and see the season through, carefully considering his next move. The idea of him joining forces with Curry is an entertaining thought, but it’s highly improbable in the grand scheme of things.