Dragon Ink: The Tale of a 40-Year-Old Man’s Tattoo

Aaron Rodgers has a new tattoo on his left bicep. The tattoo is of a dragon positioned in the shape of the number eight, which is a tribute to Rodgers’ jersey number with the Jets. The tattoo artist shared pictures of the tattoo and the process of creating it on Instagram. This is the second tattoo the artist has done for Rodgers; the first tattoo is on the inside of Rodgers’ left forearm and features two lions facing each other. The 40-year-old quarterback was hoping to return to the football field this season after tearing his Achilles in the first game of the season, but it now seems unlikely. The Jets have a 21 percent chance of making the playoffs this season if they win their next six games, but if they don’t win in the next few weeks, the playoff hunt will be over.