Draymond Green’s Impact on the NBA Remains Uncontrollable

Draymond Green’s Antics Spark Controversy

I am not bothered by Draymond Green’s antics as sports are supposed to be entertaining. As long as he is not causing harm to other players, I don’t mind his on-court behavior. Although I shook my head when he clocked Jusuf Nurkić during the Golden State Warriors’ match against the Phoenix Suns, it made up for the absence of Kevin Durant, delaying the debut of the Suns’ “Big Three.”

Green was rightfully given a Flagrant 2 for his actions when he struck Nurkić during the game. This kind of behavior is not acceptable on a basketball court. Instead of resorting to violence, Green could have conveyed his point in a more appropriate manner.

It seems that Green may have been holding onto a grudge against Nurkić, as there were no prior incidents between the two players. Despite the possibility of Green’s suspension, it is unlikely that this will cause him to change his ways, given his status and contracts.

The NBA needs to take measures to address Green’s behavior, but it is unlikely that he will pay heed to any punishment. Despite the controversies, Green’s actions make him one of the most notable personalities in the league. It seems that the only way to stop him would be to banish him, but his actions have not warranted such a severe punishment.

At this point, the NBA must focus on reducing his earnings and managing his public image for future commercials.