Enough Already: I’m Tired of the Kansas City Chiefs

I confess, I’ve never been a fan of the Chiefs. They were once the best team in America, with a young, talented quarterback and a laid-back head coach. They were hard to escape due to their constant presence in commercials. However, I do believe the Chief’s time as a favorite is over. In recent times, their sense of entitlement, their use of the “chop”, and their booing of the Black National Anthem have worn out my patience for Reid and his team. Mahomes’ tantrum over a game, and Reid’s belief that they deserve special treatment from referees, further solidifies this belief.

The referee, Carl Cheffers, made it clear that the Chiefs were offsides, and no warning was required. For Reid and Mahomes to behave in this way suggests a sense of entitlement that is deeply unappealing. Mahomes’ reaction to calls during the game was also unacceptable. Reid and Mahomes complaining about officiating despite having the best quarterback is also frustrating. They seem to ignore the obvious mediocrity of the team’s play calling, and the overexposure of Travis Kelce and his relationship with Taylor Swift is also a major issue. The constant focus on the personal lives of players and their families is a nuisance.

Now, everything that once made the Chiefs an appealing team has become the reason to cheer against them, including the Buffalo Bills. They have become entitled, whiny crybabies who are hard to avoid. They used to be heroes, but they have now become villains. These characteristics have turned the Kansas City Chiefs into a team that is hard to support.