ESPN: Aaron Rodgers’ joke was deemed dumb by ESPN, not the QB

The scandal around ESPN is part of the network’s own making, making the Pat McAfeeAaron Rodgers drama particularly ironic. The network hired McAfee for comic relief, but he proceeded to cause controversy. After Rodgers implied that ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel was a pedophile, ESPN sort of apologized, and McAfee accused executive Norby Williamson of trying to undermine his show. ESPN senior vice president Mike Foss released a statement taking a jab at Rodgers, but didn’t appear to include an apology. McAfee attacks Williamson, who he claims is trying to sabotage the show, deflecting the blame from himself. Despite this, if ESPN allows the two hosts back on the air, ratings may improve, although the author would rather not watch them. In other news, Knicks fans are impressed with new addition OG Anunoby and the team’s recent success.