Exploring Haliburton: A Timeless Adventure

In a critical move, the Pacers had a victory over the Bucks after a game-winning 3-point shot made by Tyrese Haliburton last night, earning them a spot in the championship game of the NBA in-season tournament. Haliburton’s celebration after the game, in which he imitated Damian Lillard’s “Dame Time” celebration by looking at his wrist, drew a response from Lillard himself. Lillard acknowledged the move as a sign of respect, stating, “For as many times as I’ve done it to people, I can’t be upset when somebody else does it. I think that’s also a sign of respect and acknowledgment for knowing my history, knowing what I do. I didn’t mind it, it was what it was.”

Lillard did, however, advise Haliburton to remain humble and mindful, due to the unpredictable nature of basketball. Despite the incident, Lillard remained unfazed by the celebration. The Pacers will face the Lakers in the in-season tournament title matchup on December 9.