Facing Off: DK Metcalf vs. Tyreek Hill

Football is a game where some competitors are motivated by trash talk, such as verbal sparring. Usually, these exchanges occur between offensive and defensive players, but sometimes players within the same positional group also engage in verbal exchanges. Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill and his counterpart for the Seattle Seahawks, DK Metcalf, currently find themselves in that situation. The topic came up following Metcalf’s 73-yard touchdown reception against the Dallas Cowboys, in which he set the record for fastest ball-carrier speed at 23.23 mph and also owns the second-fastest tackle speed this season at 22.64 mph. Hill, however, isn’t overly concerned and is focused on winning games and making a deep postseason run in Miami. Despite some past shade thrown, it sounds like Hill is up for Metcalf’s challenge of racing in the offseason. These two athletes are among the fastest in their profession, but there are discussions about comparing their speed through a race arranged during the offseason.