Failed Attempt: Warriors’ Unsuccessful Effort to Pair LeBron James with Steph Curry

The Golden State Warriors reportedly attempted to trade with the Los Angeles Lakers for LeBron James shortly before the trade deadline. According to the report, the Warriors’ owner reached out to the Lakers’ owner in hopes of alleviating public frustration with the Lakers’ performance. However, the Lakers had no interest in trading James and directed the Warriors to his agent, Rich Paul. The trade conversation was initially spurred by Warriors forward Draymond Green, who lobbied for the trade with his team owner and later reached out to James directly. Despite the rumors of a potential James trade, Lakers shut down the idea, and 76ers president Daryl Morey also inquired about acquiring James but was turned down. At 39, James is still playing at an All-NBA level and is open to playing alongside his sons in the future, regardless of where they end up.