Fan Bases in a Frenzy Over Baseball Prospectus’ 2024 Projections

When Pecota projections come out, baseball fans everywhere go a little crazy over something that doesn’t have emotions and can’t hear them. Actual teams and players even use these projections to feed into their “no one believed in us” mantra. But Pecota does not take into account luck or unexpected improvements from players, only their performance averaged out from their past. In this regard, it lacks the human element of sports. Still, fans love to argue with Pecota when it is ultimately just a math problem.
As for the Asia Cup, Jurgen Klinsmann’s coaching has once again led a team below expectations. In his role as South Korea’s manager, Klinsmann’s lack of imagination and preparation resulted in painful and uninspired performances, ultimately leading to a knockout from the tournament. Finally, a video of Hakan Çalhanoğlu’s exquisite pass against Juventus reminds us of the beauty in this world.