Former Jets Executive Suggests Russell Wilson as Aaron Rodgers’ Backup

Former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum’s appeared in a segment of Get Up in which he created a hypothetical NFL locker room that was so chaotic. The ESPN morning show crew was discussing potential landing spots for Russell Wilson if he gets cut by the Denver Broncos. Tannenbaum suggested that Wilson would be a great fit for the New York Jets and that he could resurrect his career there by being paid a small amount of money. His comments were met with groans and guffaws by the rest of the desk. Tannenbaum continued to explain that signing Vinny Testaverde saved the Jets’ season in the past, but his co-hosts did not take kindly to his hypothetical. There was a general contempt for Tannenbaum’s suggestion from the co-hosts. Tannenbaum’s point that Wilson would likely not be able to walk into a starting job if he gets cut from Denver was acknowledged, as there are few openings in the league at this point. Bringing in someone with just as big a personality as Aaron Rodgers was considered potentially disruptive for the team. Overall, the idea of bringing Russell Wilson into a chaotic and troubled team like the Jets was considered to be a redundancy and even counterproductive.