Former Masseuse Alleges Sexual Assault by James Dolan and Harvey Weinstein

The New York Times reported that a woman has accused James L. Dolan, the owner of the New York Knicks and CEO of Madison Square Garden Entertainment, of pressuring her into sex and arranging an encounter with Harvey Weinstein, who is also accused of sexually assaulting her. In a federal lawsuit filed in Federal District Court in Los Angeles, Kellye Croft accuses both Dolan and Weinstein of sexual assault and forcible touching. Because Dolan facilitated Croft’s transport to California “for purposes of sex induced by force, fraud, or coercion,” the Knicks owner has also been accused of sex trafficking. Croft claimed that Dolan had a friendship with her but later pressured her into a sexual relationship. She also said that Dolan facilitated a meeting between her and Weinstein, who allegedly sexually assaulted her. In response, lawyers for Dolan and Weinstein denied the allegations and said they look forward to proving their innocence in court. After Dolan’s alleged inaction after Croft told him about the encounter with Weinstein and his inappropriate remarks about Weinstein, Dolan also faced criticism for writing a song about Weinstein’s history of sexual misconduct. Weinstein was convicted in separate cases in New York and California and sentenced to a combined 39 years in prison.