Global Entry Interview Wait Times Increase, But CBP Says It’s Working to Improve Processing

In recent months, travelers seeking to join the coveted Global Entry program have been faced with increasingly lengthy wait times for their mandatory in-person interviews. While the surge in demand for the program has contributed to these delays, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has assured the public that they are actively taking steps to address the situation and expedite processing.

Global Entry, a program administered by CBP, allows pre-approved travelers to bypass long immigration lines upon entry to the United States. It has gained immense popularity for its time-saving benefits, especially as international travel begins to pick up after a prolonged pandemic-related slump. However, as demand surges, the interview appointment wait times have extended, causing concern among applicants.

Applicants for the global entry interview are required to schedule an in-person interview with a CBP officer at one of the program’s enrollment centers. These interviews are crucial for conducting background checks and verifying an applicant’s eligibility for expedited entry into the United States. In the past, the wait times for interviews were relatively short, often just a few weeks. However, recent reports indicate that some applicants are experiencing wait times of several months before they can secure an interview slot.

The growing backlog of interviews has raised concerns among frequent international travelers, who rely on the program to make their journeys more efficient. Many applicants have voiced their frustrations on social media and in online forums, expressing their disappointment with the system’s current efficiency.

In response to these concerns, the CBP has acknowledged the increased wait times and stated that they are actively working to improve processing times. The agency cited several reasons for the delays, including the surge in demand for Global Entry and the need to adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols during interviews.

CBP spokesperson, Jane Smith, reassured the public, saying, “We understand the frustration many applicants are experiencing due to longer wait times. The safety of both applicants and CBP officers remains a priority, and this has led to some delays in the interview scheduling process. We are actively working on expanding capacity at our enrollment centers and implementing measures to streamline the interview process. We appreciate the patience of those affected and are committed to resolving this issue.”

CBP has outlined several measures it is taking to reduce the backlog, including the expansion of interview hours, the hiring of additional staff, and the deployment of more enrollment centers. The agency has also expressed its intent to explore innovative solutions, such as conducting interviews at airport locations to better accommodate travelers’ schedules.

While the current wait times for Global Entry interviews may be frustrating for applicants, CBP’s commitment to addressing the issue is a positive sign for those eager to benefit from expedited entry into the United States. As international travel continues to rebound, the agency’s efforts to streamline the process will be critical in ensuring that the Global Entry program remains an efficient and valuable resource for travelers in the years to come.