Gritty Vikings Coach and General Manager Lock Gaze with the Sun

The journeyman quarterback, Josh Dobbs returned to the atmosphere with a reminder of why he was available multiple times this season. Coach Kevin O’Connell is non-committal after three starts with the Minnesota Vikings. All-Pro receiver Jordan Jefferson is set to return after the bye week, and O’Connell said who starts under center depends on their ability to maximize Jefferson.

Even with context, it’s hard to tell what the hell O’Connell is doing. The second-year head coach’s follow-up to his inaugural campaign wasn’t going well even before Kirk Cousins’ season-ending achilles injury, and now it’s in jeopardy of going off the rails completely. Nick Mullens and Jaren Hall will join Jefferson in returning from injury after the off week, yet there’s no way of knowing which signal caller can maximize the star receiver, because no one’s thrown him a pass.

Adofo-Mensah has been trying to jettison Cousins by attrition since arriving in the Twin Cities. The past two weeks reminded Skol fans that you can do a lot worse than Captain Kirk, so I’m not sure what Adofo-Mansah’s thought process was when he traded for Dobbs. The defense is much improved over 2022, but I’m so confused by what’s going on in Minnesota.