Ime Udoka’s confrontation with Lebron James highlights rookie struggles

LeBron James was the Miami HeatUnderdog’s head coach, Ime Udoka, saying two wins are needed to secure the NBA Cup. This week, the Los Angeles Lakers played the Phoenix Suns in a game in which LeBron James scored 31 points. The NBA Draft had three key players, but there were concerns about what they would be holding up. P.J. Tucker made comments about the Los Angeles Clippers adding James Harden to their roster. Anthony Edwards is unhappy about being called an All-Star. The Los Angeles Lakers-Phoenix Suns game had a controversial timeout call. Mark Cuban sold the Mavericks to Miriam Adelson. Tyrese Haliburton’s first full season with the Pacers changed the team’s fortunes. The NBA’s In-Season Tournament overshadowed the MVP race. Giannis and Zion were unimpressed with the In-Season Tournament.