Is it Time to Label the Niners and Shanahan as Choke Artists?

The San Francisco 49ers lost Super Bowl LVIII to the Kansas City Chiefs 25-22 in overtime, surrendering a 10-point lead. This feeling must be like Déjà vu for the players who experienced a similar situation four years ago. Coach Kyle Shanahan has had double-digit leads in three Super Bowls and ended up losing each one. Shanahan’s play selection is often criticized, and some believe he overthinks or gets tight late in games. Despite dominating the first half, the 49ers lost to the Chiefs, who are known for never being truly out of any game due to having Patrick Mahomes on their side. Shanahan, who has two Super Bowl losses with the 49ers, may be on the “hot seat” heading into next season. The team is facing an uncertain future as they grapple with another close defeat in the Super Bowl.