Is the NFL too big to fail?

The NFL is unshakeable in the midst of controversy surrounding race, misogyny, and homophobia, and even presidential jabs have failed to make an impact. Despite these issues, NFL viewership is at an eight-year high, with the highest numbers since 2015. Various networks, including NBC, CBS, FOX, and ESPN/ABC/ESPN2, are reporting increased viewership, with the NFL Draft drawing a staggering 54.4 million viewers. The NFL’s dominance in television extends to securing the most-watched TV programs, with 82 out of the 100 most-watched U.S. TV broadcasts in 2022. Roger Goodell’s recent contract extension until 2027 is attributed to the league’s continued growth and profitability. With revenue topping $11.9 billion last year, the NFL remains impervious to the controversies that have plagued the league in recent years.