Jaguars’ Struggles Continue with Trevor Lawrence at the Helm in 2023

The Jaguars started 2023 in great shape as the only playoff-ready team in an underperforming division. However, they failed to live up to expectations and lost their final game, effectively ending their playoff hopes. Their four-game losing streak in December set the stage for their disappointing end to the season.

The Jaguars had a 90 percent chance of winning the division and making the playoffs heading into the final week. However, they missed out on this opportunity and squandered their advantage. Meanwhile, other divisional teams experienced their own challenges, including injuries and off-field issues.

The connection between Trevor Lawrence and Calvin Ridley did not produce the desired results, and the Jaguars’ offense faltered in crucial moments. Lawrence’s performance in the final game left questions about his potential and the team’s future. As he looks to negotiate a contract extension, the jury is still out on his ceiling.

Lawrence had a promising start to his career but faced setbacks in his third season, which has raised doubts about his playmaking ability and turnover tendencies. The team will need to make strategic decisions as they enter the next season, especially with Lawrence’s contract extension on the horizon.

The landscape in their division is changing, and Lawrence will need to prove himself in the face of emerging quarterback talents. The team’s future prospects will depend on how Lawrence responds to these challenges and evolves as a player.