James Dolan has a history of facing sexual harassment lawsuits

A lawsuit has accused James Dolan of sexual misconduct, sex trafficking, and being linked to convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein. Dolan has found himself in court due to a sexual harassment case before. In 2006, a jury ruled that Dolan and Madison Square Garden had created a hostile work environment and unjustly terminated an employee, awarding over $11 million to the plaintiff. Another lawsuit in 2007 revealed a toxic culture with the New York Knicks and MSG, including sexual harassment allegations from multiple female employees. Dolan’s company has been forced to pay millions in trials, bringing international shame to himself, MSG, the Knicks, and the Rangers. Dolan seems unable to keep his company, buildings, and teams away from high-profile lawsuits, providing concrete evidence that he has been inadequate at his job for a long time.