Jerry Reinsdorf Leaves His Mark on Half of Chicago

I’m not going to pretend like I can feel what you’re feeling. But I can see two choices: if you place a higher value on compensation for (especially non-verbal) facial representations of complex human emotions, then suggest to someone that a tire in which he never got in a car with a jack on a dark deserted road in the rain surrounded by old abandoned buildings after hearing that you may have seen a deformed figure sprinting on his hands and knees in the underbrush then the sight of it in the rearview mirror as you start to make out the design of a shirt you saw in the store once then catch it in the reflection of a shop window just before the power went out and there must have just been a gas leak. But, the point is, those kind of things…like trading away it’s first first for, potentially, a single game of Quade Green.