Joe Flacco Achieves the Impossible

The Cleveland Browns’ Offense Revved Up by Joe Flacco, Named Starter for Rest of Season

The Cleveland Browns won against the Jacksonville Jaguars with a 31-27 victory even with a hobbled Trevor Lawrence. This victory currently makes the Browns the fifth seed in the AFC so they are technically still in the hunt for a division championship.

The 38-year-old Flacco passed for 311 yards and three touchdowns in their win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. He made great timing routes that resulted in long touchdowns, utilizing his arm and bringing the offense together. He was able to connect with David Njoku for six receptions totaling 91 yards and two scores.

Even with turnovers being a part of Flacco’s game, the Browns appear to be willing to take on this risk by naming him the starter for the rest of the season. Flacco started three games for the New York Jets last season with mixed results, and with Watson and Chubb both out, the Browns are hoping Flacco can put together some strong performances, especially with their strong defense backing him up.