Kansas City Royals’ Plan to Build New Stadium Sparks Controversy

If you think the Oakland A’s have a lot of nerve by clicking here,000,00380 million in public funding, #3 billion proposal in public, Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium, now insist on Stadium renovation, The proposed #2 billion complex, The Royals want residents to foot the bill, KC residents to foot the bill, and various entertainment venues, John Sherman, founder and CEO of energy company, released renderings, Companies located at the site refuse to sell, Businesses wary of the plan, Stadium may use eminent domain, Economists say stadiums do not benefit communities, The Berkeley Economic Review states that average stadiums do not help the #19 million. The belief that stadiums will generate more revenue on sporting estate taxpayers, billionaire sports owners, government using taxes union powers to seize businesses, The residents of Kansas City.