Kawhi Leonard Makes a Strong Case for NBA MVP Discussion

There’s been talk about Kawhi Leonard entering the MVP conversation. Even though he’s a star, Leonard has struggled to be considered for the MVP award in the past due to injuries. This season, Leonard’s performance with the Clippers has led some to make the argument for his case as MVP. Leonard’s excellent stats and the Clippers’ strong position in the Western Conference are contributing to his MVP candidacy. He has played in 44 of the team’s 48 games, the most he has played since joining the Clippers. Leonard’s scoring averages and shooting percentages are putting him on the verge of joining the elite 50/40/90 club. However, the MVP award tends to focus on scoring, similar to the NFL MVP being tied to quarterback performance. The comparison to Lamar Jackson, who is expected to win a second MVP award, highlights the importance of overall team dominance. While Leonard may receive some MVP votes, winning the award is unlikely unless he dramatically improves his scoring average. Despite this, Leonard’s performance is getting attention and his contribution to the Clippers’ success is undeniable.